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I got roblox and play A LOT. My username is PurplePanda62girl and PLEASE friend me. Roblox is my favorite thing to do now. That's pretty much all I wanted to say.

Hey Twinklecorns! It's Twilight here and this week is not very different. I binge YouTube and on Friday nights I go on a Zoom with my cuz! I text my BFF who has come to be called Sparkle on my YouCam. I also do a bit of among us & eat dinner. Nothing much! Twinkle out!



Hey Twinklecorns! This blog is a lot to manage, but I'm catching up! Ok, not really. I know that there aren't a lot of people that check the blog, but if in the future a bunch of people find the blog and look back at the first ones, they'll notice the delay. I'm really, really sorry about it hope to...

Me again!


Hey Twinklecorns! It's Twilight Twinkle here again! I want you to know that I am quarantining to go to NY hopefully. That means I'll post on the NY blog every day of the vacation! This week I kind of just hung around. I didn't do much. If you have any suggestions that you want me to talk about I may...

I'm back!!!


Sorry for missing the weekly blog. Usually do a new blog every Friday. Anyways, not much happened. The most exciting thing is that I decorated ginger bread cookies over the weekend. See the pictures! I did name them. I also ate some snowflake ones yesterday!😂

Hey Twinklecorns! It's Twilight Twinkle & welcome to my website! It's so cool that there are website makers so that I can blog and you guys can comment! Check out more blogs on the home page. That's all for now! Bye Twinklecorns!

By Twilight Twinkle
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